Portable / Personal Downdraft

For use in Manufacturing Work Cells

Downdraft tables for work cells have all of the capabilities of their full-sized cousins. Typically, the smaller downdraft tables operate on 115V single phase electricity (with 3 phase motors available) and can be easily moved from one location to another. Work cell downdraft tables are compact air filtration solutions designed to maximize safety and collection efficiency while minimizing shop floor space. The thoughtful design of the work cell downdraft units provides portability while maintaining protection from harmful particulate and fumes. Depending on the unit the portable work cell downdraft styles presented below are available with two different types of filtration: 1) self-cleaning cartridge filters and 2) replaceable panel filters.

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If you’re curious about what benefits this powerful, compact unit can offer, be sure to check out this video for detailed specifications, a complete walkthrough of its many features and capabilities, and the simple maintenance procedures which will keep it at peak performance.

The PT2032

The standard PT2032A series of portable workstations has a 1 HP motor and can be plugged directly into a standard 115V wall outlet, making this unit an extremely powerful compact air filtration solution. Heavy-duty caster wheels allow the Portable Downdraft Table to be easily placed where most needed and then quickly re-located or stored if desired. Its distinctive epoxy powder coat painted finish make this an attractive piece of equipment that can highlight any production line.


(Self-Cleaning Cartridge Filter)
(Replaceable Panel Filters)
Work Surface Size 27″ D x 36″ W (27″ D x 48″ W optional) 20″ D x 32″ W
Nominal CFM 1000-2500 1100-2000
Self-Cleaning Yes No
Combustible Dust No Yes
(Excluding Magnesium & Titanium)
Carbon Filter Optional Optional
Caster Wheels 5″ Front & 10″ Rear 3.5″ Front & 3.5″ Rear
Table Capacity 250 lbs. evenly distributed 250 lbs. evenly distributed
Optional Configurations Dual 6” Articulating Extraction Arms or
(1) Single 8” Articulating Extraction Arm
Size: D x W x H 20″ x 47″ x 53.5″ 43″ x 32″ x 52″

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