Challenge us with your application(s) and check out the offerings at downdraft.com air filtration products. We look forward to clearing the air.

MTA Technical Sales is proud to be the parent company of downdraft.com, which offers a full line of industrial air filtration solutions, laser marking fume collectors, and replacement filters that are designed to fit into virtually any application. With decades of experience in the application and implementation of air filtration equipment, the expert staff at downdraft.com have helped thousands of businesses solve air pollution problems and, in many cases, even surpass OSHA and EPA requirements.

In addition to a diverse standard product offering, the sales engineers at downdraft.com have developed close working relationships with industry-leading manufacturing partners. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to engineer custom air filtration systems – the goal of which is to provide a greater measure of personal safety and regulatory compliance.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

At MTA, we have made it our mission to protect as many hard working Americans as possible by ensuring the breathing safety of workers and eliminating potential downtime of employers due to regulatory compliance issues. We are able to do this, through our subsidiaries, by utilizing our vast experience in the industry and leveraging our relationships with different manufacturing partners to provide the highest quality of American-made equipment at competitive prices. There is no job too large or too small, and no excuse not to have clean, breathable air in virtually any working environment.


MTA Technical Sales will be recognized by its customers, competitors and suppliers as a sales organization (along with its various affiliations and associations) of the highest ethics, integrity and moral character. We will strive to be the standard by which other sales organizations are judged.

MTA – and its subsidiaries – will consistently provide the most appropriate and cost effective products to its customers. Our customers will always be treated with courtesy, professionalism and respect as should be accorded to all people.

MTA is in the business of selling industrial equipment. We will always place the best solution to an engineering challenge above the sale of equipment. While engineering differences occasionally may arise, the most appropriate solution to those challenges will always be the primary goal of our sales activities.

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